Accomodating management style

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In addition, math concepts can be understood through the use of Lego blocks.

When they hear information from the teacher, classmates or even from their own mouths, they are able to process and memorize it.

Field trips, preferably hands-on oriented field trips, are another way to get in touch with your kinesthetic learners.

Interactive lessons and activities engage your students and allows them to use all of their senses, too.

Overwhelmed, the young student begins to become restless and the teacher notices the student struggling.

The teacher finishes up their lecture and pulls out five marker pens and places them in front of the young student.

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Here are some brief thoughts on the strengths and struggles of the 5 styles of dealing with conflict, adapted from Johnson, 1981. The Turtle: Avoidance The strength of this style is that this person can easily look past conflicts and realizes most conflicts will solve themselves.