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Adult dating salem massachusetts

I’m lucky to live in one of the most literary small cities on the East Coast. It also happens to be the witchiest, which means the town is full of Potterheads and fantasy nerds. While the October month-long Halloween bash, Haunted Happenings, is definitely the town’s modern claim to fame, Salem is a literary and cultural destination all year long.

In fact, the other eleven months of the year are increasing in popularity as people realize how cool this place is. I’d be a fool to try and list all of Salem’s booksellers.

A bunch of Go T stuff supplements their Potter stock, although that doesn’t show up on the website. I just realized that I almost forgot to mention the two comic book shops!

Harrison’s has a better selection, and it used to be my go-to, but some unsavory sexist nonsense went down there in 2014 and I no longer give them my business.

In later years, whichever brother was manning the register would peer out from a small aperture between piles. True, books were rock-bottom cheap and you never knew what you’d find, but the store’s condition only worsened as the years passed. Then, a miracle: a local devotee bought the place and re-opened as Wicked Good Books.

During peak tourist season, SPL is a good place to regroup and take a breather.There are also charming exhibits and events year-round, some of which are open to the public.The building itself, which is so small that its attempt at imposing collonades can only be considered adorable, is well worth seeing.Silver Moon Comics, located in the dilapidated but worthwhile Witch City Mall, is a better bet.Despite their smaller selection, they have a lovely array of Funkos to go with your varoius issues.

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Although you need a paid membership to check books out at the Atheneum, anyone can come in and use the space for free at any open time.