Affectionate dating singles and personals

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Affectionate  dating singles and personals

Live in the Boston area where I work part-time as a child psychologist. F-15669-MA Email Only Nontraditional, childless, sober woman.

F-15681-CT Email or Postal 63 years old, SF, secular Jew, atheist. strong, curious, generous, attractive, intense, young 63 y/o tomboy.

Seek companion who finds adventure in mundane pursuits.

F-15668-NY Email Only I would love to make you laugh. I'm a mother, grandmother, dancer, lawyer, and a pretty decent friend.

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Interested in meeting someone to share any of the above and more.

Previous experience includes travel, swimming, running, hiking, yoga, massage, nursing, musicianship, cooking, gardening, home improvement, spirituality, college, self study, private study and You Tube university.

Current experience includes service, woodworking, innkeeping, property-maintaining landlord and handy-maam.

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It would be nice if he has children or grandchildren. A romantic at heart, my favorite activities are taking walks, ballroom dancing (I'm 5'6"), music making, painting, mostly nonfiction reading, theater, and concerts. Interested in relationship with active man with capacity for warmth, empathy, intimacy, strong commitment to social justice.