Ang dating biblia online search

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Ang dating biblia online search

Our primary intent is to expose the word of God in the Bible, and to show you if Mr.Felix Manalo is a messenger that we should believe in order to be saved.Perhaps, others, especially our foes in faith, will hate us for what we are doing.But is seeking for the truth, you have to study all the angles of how man could be worthy in the eyes of God.A person cannot be saved if he lacks the effort in finding out the truths. He said, God wants all men to be saved and to know the truth. John , “Sanctify them through the truth; thy word is truth.” Therefore, truth that each person must know is the word of God. And if man’s salvation is dependent on his knowledge of the truth, it is a must, then, that every man gets to know the word of God, if we want to be worthy in the eyes of God. and then, they will pray in front of a television camera.

God wants all men to be saved; God wants all men to know the truth for them to be saved.

Salvation does not happen by accident, and neither is it something that can be attained without exerting any effort.

Our salvation is dependent on how we acknowledge the truth, as written in I Tim.

If there’s a match, it means that the same key was used to sign a previously known legitimate app, therefore validating the new upload.

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The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) was established here in the Philippines by Mr. And at present, we are trying to confirm if, indeed, Mr.