Asin thottumkal dating

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Asin thottumkal dating

This got her recognition in the Tamil industry in 2004.Then Chakram in Telugu and back to Ullam Ketkumae by director Jeeva in Tamil.

Kick starting her career with a BPL mobile Advertisement, her debut film was the Malayalam ‘Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka’ at age 15.

She further knows a smattering of Italian, a little Marathi, and she has begun to learn Spanish and German.

She is brand ambassador to a whole host of companies and products.

She had recently donated 100 outfits from her personal wardrobe to an orphanage in Borivili, Mumbai.

There may be other such ‘do-good’ acts that have not yet come to light. She speaks seven languages – Malayalam (mother tongue), Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, French, English, Sanskrit.

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