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If you're just getting into bass fishing and are searching for a high quality bass fishing rod that is actually affordable, this article will introduce you to three excellent combos that are less than 0.

Your choice, ultimately, is going to also rest on the type of fish that you are targeting. Spooling up your new reel with high-quality monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braided line is one of the best ways to get the most performance out of your rod or baitcaster combo.

Action can best be described as the point on the rod where it bends.

A “fast” action rod will bend closer to the tip, and a “slow” action rod will bend closer to the butt.

If you’re not using the right stick, you’ll often confuse snags, hangups and collisions with a bite, which is never fun, and can be embarrassing.

Here’s all you’ll need to know before you buy a new fishing rod.

Most bass anglers lean towards faster action rods, as they have a stiffer backbone and are built more specifically for handling bigger fish that fight harder.

Lighter action also allows you to feel more in the fight, so ultralight tackle when chasing bigger species can produce a unique angling thrill.

Saltwater anglers casting from piers or the surf commonly use longer rods.

Use faster action rods for baits with a single hook that require stronger, harder hooksets.

And use slower action rods for moving baits with treble hooks.

The graphite rods are typically lighter and stiffer, but tend to break more easily than their fiberglass counterparts.

This brittle feel and lighter weight also make them more sensitive, and are typically better at detecting light bites.

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