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San Francisco With those smarty-pants from Google and Facebook buzzing around on their scooters, intelligent guys with great careers are plentiful in San Francisco.5. Paul The Land of 10,000 Lakes might safely be renamed the Land of 10,000 Dates.6.Washington, DCA city that's all about networking unwinds at some of the best happy hours in the country, and unlike its hipper neighbor New York, people actually have time for a social life.7.

Atlanta Whether it's the southern hospitality or the sub-tropical breezes, something about Atlanta is attracting all the right men.2.

We’ve come a long way from Where The Boys Are, the 1960 flick about four college girls who hit the road in search of eligible men.

Today, such crucial relocation choices can’t be left up to chance.

Sarasota, with its yawning 82 percent gulf, had the biggest oversupply of women.

In fact, Florida, the Southeast generally, and some of California's more economically desolate regions all seemed to offer college-educated women particularly bad odds.

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Though the education gap is worst for Hispanics and Blacks, it crosses racial boundaries.

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