Case knives dating system

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Case knives dating system

The dots are a dating convention that the company introduced in 1970. The lightning S's are simply a design element introduced in 1980.

It would remove one dot per year for 10 years, such that a blade produced in 1970 had 10 dots, one produced in 1971 had nine dots, and so on. Absence of those elements dates your blade as pre-1940.

How To Determine The Year Of A Case Knife By learning the simple Case Dating System, you can easily determine the year a Case knife was manufactured.

In 1970, Case added dots beneath the USA on the tangs of all knives. So, nine dots appeared in 1971, eight in 1972, and so on.

He has also worked as an auctioneer and real estate appraiser.

The last two or more digits and letters (18 in our example) signify the model of knife, what Case calls the pattern.

The number 18 signifies the junior stockman pattern, a three-bladed knife and one of Case’s most popular.

And now, to celebrate the turn of the century, we are introducing a new tang stamp and dating system using a combination of Xs and dots to date the production of each Case knife.

From 2001 through 2005, we will remove one dot for each year.

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Case pocket knives, fixed blade knives, and other premium cutlery have been proudly passed down from grandfather to grandson for decades.