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Cme phone time not updating

If you’re already familiar with the Telephony Service configuration mode used by CUCME to register SCCP IP phones, think of the Voice Register Global configuration mode as being the SIP equivalent to the Telephony Service configuration mode in the SCCP world.BR2#conf t BR2(config)#voice register global BR2(config-register-global)#mode cme BR2(config-register-global)#source-address .3BR2(config-register-global)#bandwidth video tias-modifier 512000 negotiate end-to-end BR2(config-register-global)#max-dn 20BR2(config-register-global)#max-pool 10BR2(config-register-global)#ntp .1BR2(config-register-global)#timezone 44BR2(config-register-global)#load 9971 sip9971.9-2-2SR1-9.loads BR2(config-register-global)#tftp-path flash: BR2(config-register-global)#time-format 24BR2(config-register-global)#camera BR2(config-register-global)#video BR2(config-register-global)#create profile BR2(config-register-global)#end BR2# While most of the commands in the above configuration should be straightforward, please note the load command.We’re creating a Voice Register Pool (analogous to an ephone in the SCCP world).We’re specifying the MAC address of the 9971, and the number 1 dn 1 command associates the first button on this phone with voice register dn 1.In this example, the 9971 firmware files are in flash (as we see in the output of the show flash command).However, these files are in the “/phones/9971” subdirectory.Notice that we’re specifying that the Cisco 9971 IP Phone should reference the sip9971.9-2-2SR1-9.loads file in flash, and the filename includes the .loads extension.

However, since then I’ve mainly been focused on creating video courses and books for routing and switching technologies, and I’ve been aching to get back into the voice (now “collaboration”) world.Even though the 7965 can speak SIP, perhaps there’s a lab requirement for the 7965 to use SCCP.Well, the good news is, you can configure a CUCME router to support both SIP and SCCP IP phones simultaneously.The dtmf-relay sip-kpml command said that when we dial digits on the IP phone, those digits will be transmitted one-by-one using the Keypad Markup Language (KPML).While many examples you’ll see use sip-notify as the DTMF Relay mechanism, I’ve personally had issues with the sip-notify approach.

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So, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m starting to develop some Collaboration training products, beginning with a Collaboration CCIE video course.

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