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In addition to National Security Clearances, other types of roles and organisations stipulate a need for clearances, including: In the United States, a security clearance is an official determination that an individual may access information classified by the United States Government.

Security clearances are hierarchical; each level grants the holder access to information in that level and the levels below it.

To this end, it is common to sign this statement both before and after a period of employment that involves access to secrets.

After the United States entered into World War II, Britain changed its security classifications to match those of the U. Previously, classifications had included the top classification "Most Secret", but it soon became apparent that the United States did not fully understand the UK's classifications, and classified information appeared in the U. This spearheaded the uniformity in classification between the United Kingdom and the United States.

The BPSS is the entry-level National Security Clearance, and both CTC and EBS are effectively enhancements to the BPSS, with CTC relating to checking for susceptibility to extremist persuasion, and EBS relating to checking for susceptibility to espionage persuasion, the latter being needed for supervised access to SECRET material.

The SC again is focused on susceptibility to espionage persuasion, and is required for an individual to have long-term unsupervised access to SECRET material and occasional access to TOP SECRET (TS) material, whilst for regular access to TS the DV is required.

The individual concerned can then apply to reactivate and transfer the security clearance to his/her new position.

Standard screenings are completed for individuals without law enforcement, security and intelligence functions with the government, whereas Enhanced screenings are for individuals with law enforcement, security and intelligence functions, or access to those data or facilities.

Individuals who require access to more sensitive information (or access to sensitive federal government sites and/or assets) because of their job will be required to sign the Security Clearance Form (TBS/SCT 330-60e).

Reliability checks and assessments are conditions of employment under the Public Service Employment Act, and, thus, all Government of Canada employees have at least reliability status screening completed prior to their appointment.

Clearances at the reliability status and secret levels are valid for 10 years, whereas top secret is valid for 5 years.

This section deals with access to sensitive government information.

'Police Security Certificate' or similar terminology for immigration or employment purposes usually refers to Criminal Record Check or Police Information Check.

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