Dating a leo man astrology dj clue dating

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Dating a leo man astrology

The shadow they leave in their wake can feel very cold indeed.

As long as you can handle their larger-than-life egos and don’t rub them the wrong way, a Leo is a blast to be around and an inspiration for anyone longing to learn how to live out loud.

It often happens that, even when a Leo is not in charge, people will turn to him for the answers.

Boisterous and fun-loving, this big cat loves to roll and tumble with his kids, and tends to be a terrible tickle monster!

Toward bedtime, expect to find the Leo dad reading stories to his progeny, enthusiastically acting out all the characters with funny voices and great dramatics.

Leo men make for passionate and playful lovers who crave the warmth of companionship and the fire of an intense, focused intimacy.

For Lion men, sex is incredibly important, and they express themselves through touch.

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Frequently, male Leos are treated this way from an early age, which can result in some entitlement issues.