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Everyman's right (Ministry of Environment, 1999) is a philosophy carried over from ancient times.

All citizens have access to public and private lands for agrarian activities or leisure.

Finnish culture may be seen to build upon the relatively ascetic environmental realities, traditional livelihoods and a heritage of egalitarianism, (see e.g.: Everyman's right and universal suffrage) and the traditionally widespread ideal of self-sufficiency (see, e.g.: the predominant rural life but also more modern manifestations of such a life in the summer cottage).Song magic and bear worship are distinctive marks of the ancient religion.Prior to Christianisation in the 11th century, Finnish paganism was the primary religion.Karelia, where most of the Russo-Swedish conflicts occurred, was influenced by both cultures though mostly it remained peripheral to both epicentres of power.The verses in the Kalevala originate mainly from Karelia and Ingria.

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The area of Finland belonged to the northeastern Kunda culture until around 5000 BC and Comb Ceramic culture from about 4200–2000 BC.

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