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The primary activities so far in Ai P are things she already has a talent for.

So I'm brainstorming activities that are often done on vacation / tropical islands that were never done in any other game, that Ariane could suck at. Make a game where every time you pass the ball to her she knocks it out of bounds, or knocks it back into your face.

When you point out how bad she is, she says, "This is why I joined the Gymnastics squad."Any other suggestions?

everytime i try and open the application i get the pop up “Could not execute C:\Users(my username)\Desktop\Date Ariane HD-win\lib\windows-i686\Date Ariane

Date Ariane is a really interesting visual novel that offers tons of different situations.

Since it's about a blind date, some of the scenes in the game can end up being a little 'racy,' but it's also possible (and probable) that the date with Ariane simply ends up being a nice dinner and nothing more.

The "Elsa-verse" games are the main games that Tlaero and Mortze have done together.

This page is our main presence on the web, although many of our games are also available on Newgrounds.

You can also contact us at Sharks Lagoon and at f95where our screen names are "Mortze" and "iksanabot". Mortze & iksanabot You'll have our gratitude for your support and will get weekly progress reports on whatever game we're currently making.

The games tended to have more story than is typical in the "erotic games" genre and featured realistically shaped people who act ... Like Tlaero used to say, if you're looking for games full of bimbos with beachball-sized breasts who will have sex with you in an alley at the drop of a hat, ours are not the games you're interested in.

If, on the other hand, you want human-looking characters with histories and personalities who you need to treat with dignity and respect ... All the Tlaero and Mortze games and some of the short stories are downloadable for free and, since they're HTML, should work on any system.

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You'll also get access to the text-only short stories that Tlaero writes (roughly every other month).

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