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But if I were an unemployed man — regardless of age — would the same rules apply?Probably not (although I imagine a certain amount of women would eagerly entangle themselves if he was hot; yes, we gals can be incredibly shallow, too).Screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most incredible father/friend i could ever ask for!

The Good Men Project recently pondered, what’s a man without money? I’ve never been one to focus on money — my own or someone else’s — or see it as a path to happiness.I never made a lot of money in my career — newspaper journalism — but that didn’t stop men from dating me, or two men from marrying me.I am fortunate to have a wonderful longtime partner (who, as an educator, knows all about small salaries), but I sometimes wonder what would happen if I lost my job and was looking for love — would I be marriage material (assuming I even wanted to marry again, that is, which I don’t), or even dateable? ); by virtue of my gender alone, yes — I would probably be viable relationship material.The reason for their break up was their busy schedule and are still good friends.Previously, Brielle dated reality star, Slade Osborne, which did not last long.

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She is of American nationality and part of the mixed ethnicity of Italian and Polish. Her stepfather is Dan Toce, but her adopted father, Kroy Biermann raised her.

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