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The numbers of job reductions and office closures has not been officially announced, but the proposals imply that up to 200 offices will close and a further 12,500 jobs were to be lost from 2008 to 2011.

Estimates suggested this may save around £300 million in staff costs, out of a total annual budget of £4 billion.The total number of job losses included policy functions within the former Inland Revenue and Customs which moved into the Treasury, so that the Treasury became responsible for "strategy and tax policy development" and HMRC took responsibility for "policy maintenance".In addition, certain investigatory functions moved to the new Serious Organised Crime Agency, as well as prosecutions moving to the new Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office.They are responsible for seizing (or preventing the loss of) billions of stolen pounds of HMG's revenue.Their skills and resources include the full range of intrusive and covert surveillance and they are a senior partner in the Organised Crime Partnership Board.

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Their prosecution cases may be coordinated with the Police or the Crown Prosecution Service.