Dating russians minutes

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Dating russians minutes

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He was a commanding figure who did not suffer fools gladly and his staff treated him almost as a god.In the 1950s he developed a massive and at the time almost unthinkably powerful rocket, the R-7, which would propel Soviet spacecraft to the Moon.Sputnik 1, the first satellite ever launched, created a sensation in 1957 when it hurtled out into space and orbited the Earth every 96 minutes before falling back into the Earth’s atmosphere.The scientific results of Luna 2 were similar to those of Luna 1, but the psychological impact of Luna 2 was profound.The closest any American probe had come to the Moon at that point was 37,000 miles.

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The Luna programme continued and in 1966, the year of Korolev’s death, Luna 9 made the first soft landing on the Moon.

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