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When he came to believe that Cao Cao and the rest of the Hero Faction might attempt something against her, he sent her secretly to the Hyoudou Residence to keep her safe.He was also Ophis' talking partner during her time as the leader of the Khaos Brigade.During their first meeting, Vali was on a completely different level compared to Issei, which made the latter feel inferior, prompting him to devote more of his time trying to become more powerful.During the signing of the peace treaty between the Three Factions, Issei fought him when Vali went against everyone and formed a team of his own in the Khaos Brigade.In an attempt to bait him into fighting harder, Vali not only insulted Issei's lineage but also threatened to kill off his parents.

Vali had an antagonistic relationship with Cao Cao.

He has shown strong loyalty and respect towards Azazel, willingly dealing with Kokabiel on the latter's instructions.

Vali and Azazel have a father-son bond and Vali himself became incredibly enraged when he saw Azazel being badly injured by Cao Cao.

Kuroka cares and respects Vali, and sees him as an important friend.

As a comrade of his, Vali was shown to become enraged when Cao Cao endangered her, even more so that he used Vali's own power to do it.

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These similarities and differences are enough to establish Vali as a foil to Issei.