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Tam, for newspapers such as the New York Times and The Oregonian.

He also began writing short pieces for feminist publication Bitch Media.

In 2018, he established The Slants Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships and mentoring Asian American artists looking to incorporate community activism into their craft. San Jacinto College, and University of California, Riverside, where he double-majored in philosophy and religious studies. L Revisited" and "Sweet Heartache and the Satisfaction." The band made a short appearance on The Price Is Right, and Bob Barker lent his voice as an introduction to their album. It was also a respectful nod to Asian-Americans who had been using the epithet for decades." The USPTO relied on Urban to support its claim.

During this time, he started a record label and music promotion company called Populuxe Entertainment and was the co-owner of a vintage clothing shop in Temecula, CA. In 2004, Tam left The Stivs to form an all-Asian American members rock band. During most of his time in Portland, Tam worked for nonprofit organizations as a marketing director and served on the board of numerous social justice organizations. Initially, Tam provided extensive evidence to appeal the USPTO decision, including testimonies from leading dictionary experts, national surveys, and letters from Asian American community leaders, but the Trademark Office remained steadfast in their refusal.

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Simon Tam (born March 30, 1981) is an Asian American author, musician, activist, and motivational speaker.

He is best known as the bassist and founder of the Asian American dance-rock band, The Slants, who won their case against the government at the United States Supreme Court.

They invited Tam to be arguing the constitutional merits of the law being used against him.

In 2015, the court ruled in a 9-to-3 vote that the law used by the USPTO violated the First Amendment.

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He hosts the daily podcast show Music Business Hacks.

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