Dear abby dating married man

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Dear abby dating married man

Dear Abby: In the past few years I have had a string of failed relationships. Having never met you, I can’t guess what you might be doing wrong, if anything.

Problem is, although they have lived apart for three years, she isn’t his ex. He said they have no interest in being together and have both moved on. I’m not familiar with the divorce laws in Nevada, but an attorney who is licensed to practice there will be.

When I asked when he plans to divorce her, he said he hasn’t had the financial capability to do so. It would be very much worth your while to make an appointment with one to discuss what your boyfriend has told you.

You should do it before becoming any more involved with him.

The ladies tell me I’m great and an amazing person. Perhaps they can suggest some “tweaks” or introduce you to women who will appreciate the fine qualities you possess. He still insists that her family is his family because of their daughter, who is an amazing young woman. He can’t understand why I refuse to attend functions that include only his late wife’s family.

Yet they don’t want to be in a relationship, or they cheat or lie to me. I believe communication is key to success in any relationship, and that together, there isn’t much a couple can’t overcome. Dear Abby: My husband’s first wife died 17 years ago. He doesn’t feel my family is his family, only his first wife’s family.

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It was thoughtless and ungracious of them not to ask to speak with you for a minute.