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For that matter, we're not even sure whether this "God" is a He or a She (or neither... It may even be some wholly new and different kind of deity altogether.In the future, Sakura's invention will somehow threaten human existence, so Dokuro-chan was sent by God/Alaya to assassinate him.Dokuro is not just a ditz with an oblivious mean streak; she is one of the cruelest people in the multiverse.There's just no way that she couldn't know what she's doing as she meticulously destroys every little bit of Sakura's life.

But then you're still there when those kids are having their kids, and so on for as many generations as the planet can sustain.Dokuro did succeed in killing him the first time they met.The first time she "resurrected" him, it was to transport his soul to a custom-made purgatory where everybody hates him and his "best friend" is a sociopathic maniac.Therefore, if Dokuro succeeds in preventing Sakura from inventing immortality, then she should stop existing because she's the product of a future that no longer exists.Therefore, since this doesn't happen, Dokuro is tormenting the wrong person.

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