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The one thing he won't confess: he's a famous rapper in disguise.Meanwhile, Jimmy become a pilot and Ryan becomes vice president of ideas for a big time airline company and Lulu becomes jealous of Mikey J.'s compatibility to Kelsey, Ryan's crush.Meanwhile, a fortune teller predicts that either Lulu or Ryan will break their arm, while the other will win a thousand dollars.Guest star: Nicole Sullivan as Kreuftlva the fortune teller Ryan joins the Drama Club in order to win Kelsey’s heart and winds up becoming the director of the school play.

True's idea is to design a jacket for a game show host to wear in the Macy's parade, but her plan backfires when she finds out that Max hates him.Meanwhile, Lulu becomes jealous when Shelly (Taylor Parks) tells her she had a dream about Mikey J. Jackson, Italia Ricci as Herself and John Cena as Himself Absent: Greg Proops as Mr.Also, Ryan and Jimmy attend a preview screening of a John Cena movie and wind up meeting the action star. Madigan and Ron Butler as Oscar True and Lulu arrange a surprise office visit from Mr.Meanwhile, Jimmy takes over as receptionist while Oscar is on vacation and refuses to let Hibbert perform his job.Guest stars: Wendie Malick as Libby Gibbils, Stephen Tobolowsky as Lars Balthazar, Tom Kenny as Bingo and Craig Anton as Snackleberry Junction chef Absent: Ron Butler as Oscar Due to an invitation mix-up in the mail, Amanda shows up at True's slumber party and they become competitive when playing a board game.

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