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Whether you’re a yoga devotee or like to let off steam in the boxing ring, you’ll probably be aware of the multiple benefits of exercise.Not only does it keep you in good shape, it can also have a dramatic effect on your mindset.When you’re already in a committed relationship with your gym, it can be hard to find someone worth sacrificing barre class for.

If the answer to these questions is yes, then Cycling Singles is for you.

“Active is our DNA, feeling good is our purpose,” reads the app tagline. The problematic name, which is more or less is a play on the word “slender,” hits the point home that this app benefits the svelte.

It essentially feels like the end culmination of a privileged wellness culture gone too far: proof that toned, beautiful people in their pricey athleisure wear only want to date similarly beautiful people. As writer Rosemary Donahue pointed out in a recent Slindir’s imagery does little to counter this criticism.

Studies have also shown that some symptoms of exercise – sweaty hands, a racing pulse, and shortness of breath – mirror the symptoms of romantic attraction.

It’s surprisingly easy for humans to mistake the two, which is why couples tend to form closer bonds, and feel more attracted to one another, on active dates.

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Co-ordinating your actions during your workout could also bring you together – try matching walking pace or lifting weights in the same rhythm to see the effect mimicry can have.

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