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(Count aliens admitted on a temporary basis to the United States to perform farm work.) Penalties and Interest Avoid penalties and interest by making tax deposits when due, filing a correct return, and paying the proper amount of tax when due.

The law provides penalties for late deposits and late filing unless you show reasonable cause for the delay.

If your liability for the fourth quarter (plus any un-deposited amount from any earlier quarter) is over 0, deposit the entire amount by the due date of Form 940.When to File The due date of the Form 940 is January 31 of the following year.If you deposited all tax when due, you may file on or before February 12.You may be eligible for a credit based on the state unemployment contributions paid by the previous employer.You may claim these credits if you are a successor employer and acquired a business in the current calendar year from a previous employer who was not an employer for FUTA purposes during the current calendar year.

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Do not take credit for penalties, interest, or special administrative taxes that are not included in the contribution rate the state assigned to you.

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