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Galatt xxxx

Between 19, the acceleraton of the war reached ts peak wth the presence of more than a half-mllon Amercan solders and massve aeral bombng campagns that traumatzed the world (Harrson, 1993).From 1965 to 1973, eght mllon tons of bombs were dropped on Vetnam.

Ths paper s the another attempt to provde an emprcal examnaton of the mportance of wars n shapng subsequent Vetnam s provncal economc development and nsttutons.The Long term Impacts of Vetnam War s Veterans on Provncal Economc Development* Anh Duc Dang Research School of Economcs College of Busness and Economcs Australan Natonal Unversty Emal: Frst verson: January, 2010 Ths verson: August, 2010 Abstract I nvestgate the effects of Vetnam War s veteran on long run economc development n Vetnam.Usng a unque dataset contanng the number of war nvalds at provnce levels, I fnd the number of war nvalds from each provnce to be an mportant determnant of ts current economc performance.Almost all of these studes fnd few persstent local mpacts of wars on economc trends.Davs and Wensten (2002) fnd that the US bombng n major Japanese ctes n the World War II had no long run mpact on the populaton of those ctes relatve to prewar level.

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Although some studes have been done on the mpacts of war on long run economc development cross and wthn countres, much less s known about the evoluton of nsttutons after wars.