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These early plastic zippers were not as sturdy as metal ones.

a sure sign that it will be post-1960 notes: Talon produced a nylon zipper for couture fashion in 1960, with its Zephyr line. Nylon zippers are very common from 1968 onwards on mass-produced garments.

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Established in 1936 by Elie Gut, IDEAL Fastener Corporation is the second largest zipper manufacturer in the world.

1996 - IDEAL acquires Scovill Zipper and Conmar Zipper from Scovill Fasteners.

2001 - IDEAL's highly technical and fire retardant zippers are used by NASA to launch the TITAN IV missile.

Zippers for Children Fashion Zippers Denim Zippers - Metal Zippers for Jeans Custom Zippers Water Resistant Zippers Workwear Zippers Vintage Zippers Military/Government Zippers Sustainable Zippers Zippers for Furniture and Luggage - Automotive Zippers Manufacturing zippers since the 1930s, not only can IDEAL recreate vintage zippers but we actually created them from the start!

1997 - IDEAL establishes IDEAL Fastener Asia Ltd., in Hong Kong.

2001 - IDEAL opens sales offices in Bangladesh, Dubai, India, Indonesia and Taiwan.

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Often a zip fastener alone does not ensure a correct date identification of vintage clothing.

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