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Interracial dating essay

This paper will discuss some of the skills and personal qualities that are necessary for children to develop in their interactions with other children, the family system, and the classroom, referencing the theories of Erik Erickson and social development.

Personal skills that are vital to the process of developing socially include: the ability to listen to others; the ability to empathize with others; and tolerance of differences between people.

Geographical location does truly effect how people of different races interact with one another.

One of the brightest examples is between the South and the North of the United States of America.

A young white woman from the North of the country and a young Afro-American from the South will have a lot of difficulties getting along together, due to the hostility of the South towards white people in general as a race.

Finally, courtesy is an important quality for the classroom so that people feel they are respected and will in turn be respectful.

For example one race community sees a woman as a housekeeper and a mother, while the other views a woman being equal to a man.

In one community is normal to greet the neighbors while the other is more isolated.

Forming relationships with others requires the development of social skills, a process that begins in childhood and should continue throughout life.

These qualities allow communication with others, an essential component of interacting people in a way that brings success in a variety of ways.

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In fact, the realm of social and emotional learning studies the connections between biology, emotions, and intelligence and their relation to success and happiness (Stern.) The education that takes place through social and emotional experiences with others boosts the child’s emotional intelligence, providing a tremendous advantage to his or her futures, both in one’s personal life and in one’s professional endeavors.

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