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Passionate young Mokhtar (Hussein Mokaddem) is madly in love with his beautiful new wife, Batoul (Zeinab Hind Khadra), but his fits of irrational jealousy lead him to divorce her verbally in the throes of anger.

In Islam, the verbal declaration “I divorce you” is sufficient to end a marriage on the spot.

This is why if they meet again, if they have sex during forty days after they pronounce the divorce, they can get back, so they are married again. After the third time, they are really divorced, and they cannot get back to each other.” This is exactly what happens to Mokhtar who, after his fateful third declaration of divorce, soon calms down and wants to reunite with Batoul.

But he is told that this is impossible, apart from a strange loophole—if his wife marries someone else (and she must consummate the marriage), she can divorce that other man and remarry Mokhtar for the fourth time.

Hamze said she was intrigued by the rules of the temporary marriage and did research to find out its origins.

“I discovered that it comes from an historical event where women were left after men went to war and died,” Hamze told me.

They try to find a husband for the woman.” Fouladkar confirmed that this problem of divorcing in anger and reaching the three-time limit does really happen to people, and "the subject [has been] tackled in Arabic cinema.

Thus, while the religion allows it, Loubna must hide the arrangement from her acquaintances to avoid harsh judgment and damage to her reputation.

“In art and cinema, we are using reality, the things that are weird in reality, and we play with them,” Fouladkar said. Everyone is expecting to see a movie where the man is looking for a second wife. Sometimes a woman feels she is so exhausted with work at home and work outside that she needs someone to help her.” Fouladkar is looking forward to the film being viewed by both Western and Middle Eastern, especially Lebanese, audiences.

I wanted to change this, and now the woman is the one who is looking for a wife for her husband. But he notes that audiences will vary widely in how much context they bring to the film.

Within the sensitive, light-hearted comedy, writer-director Assad Fouladkar manages to incorporate plots involving the practices of temporary marriage, multiple wives and verbal divorces.

In all three instances, Fouladkar attempts to find an unusual or humorous twist in the way the characters interact within Islamic customs and allowances.

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But people who are more into Islamic rules and practicing Muslims, I guess they do it.” While this is a known practice, Fouladkar turns the common perception of the custom on its head: temporary marriage is sometimes criticized as a means to misuse women and damage their reputations, but Loubna manages to use it in an empowering way to explore a relationship with a man she doesn’t, ultimately, know.