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Jane austen guide to dating

Lauren Henderson is a founding voice of the "tart noir" mystery genre and is the author of numerous novels, including the Sam Jones detective series and three romantic comedies of modern love and manners: My Lurid Past, Don't Even Think About It, and Exes Anonymous.She was raised in London, educated at Cambridge, where she wrote her dissertation on courtship rituals in Jane Austen, and currently resides in New York, where she is happily dating a Henry Tilney.Harnessing the triumphs and pitfalls of Austen's classic characters, Henderson shows how qualities like honesty, self-awareness, and forthrightness always win the right man—and still let you respect yourself in the morning.

It will, however, generate demand owing to Kent's scheduled media appearances. Warren, psychologist and creator of the successful online matchmaker e Harmony.com, has assembled a guide based on his research and insights from the 2500 successful marriages fostered by the web site.

In this revision of her 1987 best seller, Kent, a popular talk-show guest, takes a different tack, offering women step-by-step advice on how to dress their age and body type, where to meet the best men, how to enhance and maintain the right relationship, and when to move in.

She suggests putting as much time and thought into "shopping" for a mate as one does in shopping for an outfit for a special occasion-a process that entails interviewing him to assess his values and goals, interpersonal relations, and attitude toward money.

The result is a dizzying array of disconnected points, of proposals and rejections: "Henry runs off with Maria, Mary disgusts Edmund by her overcynical attitude to the scandal, and Edmund, chastened, eventually falls in love with Fanny."All this ignores the cardinal rule of dating guides: Keep it simple.

While nuance, exception and individuality are vital in the real world, readers of dating manuals want a clear map to matrimony, not a footnoted exegesis. However much wisdom Austen provides, it's hard to see her as that kind of source.

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Full of wit and truly useful advice that has stood the test of time, Jane Austen's Guide to Dating will help readers overcome the nonsense and find the sense (and sensibility) to succeed in a lasting relationship.

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