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Jason ritter dating

Mark finally gives up on their relationship and breaks off the engagement. After some small talk, Mark tells Sarah that he met someone and is now engaged.He later tries to reconcile with Sarah in Episode 15, but she decides to make it work with Hank instead. He wanted her to hear it from him, and she congratulates him.Towards the end of the season, they begin talking about having a baby together, but Sarah later realizes that she doesn't want another child.

Mark and Sarah get back together after he helps her with her play.Sarah and Mark run into each other at Ruby's school musical.When they run into each other a second time that weekend, they decide to catch up, and Mark reveals that he is now happily married and expecting a baby.In 2012, Ritter starred in the Disney Channel series, Gravity Falls, a show about twins Dipper and Mabel Pines who are sent to live with their "Grunkle" Stan, and decipher the weird events of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Ritter will be seen alongside Kate French in the upcoming short film, Atlantis, a romance film centered on two strangers who fall in love during the preparation for the final launch of the NASA space shuttle Atlantis.Ritter has also been featured in the American period sitcom Another Period as Lord Frederick Bellacourt.

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