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Refer to "Installing a Fresh Copy or Upgrading an Existing Red Hat System? Select Automatically partition or Manually partition with Disk Druid.

(This log is not preserved unless you complete the installation.) While it is running, Anaconda opens the virtual consoles (page 103) shown in Table 3-1.

This chapter steps through the process of installing either Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Fedora Core.

Frequently, the installation is quite simple, especially if you have done a good job of planning.

Sometimes you may run into a problem or have a special circumstance; this chapter gives you the tools to use in these cases.

Booting the System: The boot: Prompt The Anaconda Installer Using Disk Druid to Partition the Disk Setting Up a Dual-Boot System The X Window System system-config-display: Configuring the Display More Information Chapter 2 covered planning the installation: requirements, an upgrade versus a clean installation, classes of installations, planning the layout of the hard disk, how to obtain the files you need for the installation including how to download and burn (CD) images, and collecting the information about the system you will need during installation.

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You can display a virtual console by pressing to return to the previous screen.