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This can be difficult to manage, since ad network performance changes over time.Ad network optimization (ANO) is a feature that enables you to generate the highest CPM from the ad networks in your mediation chain by automating the process of ordering the mediation chain to maximize revenue.It also means that there are versioned adapter builds in Google's bintray repository (Android | i OS), built against a specific version of the third-party ad network SDK.

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mind.] To keep the mind in a state of contemplation; to dwell on anything in thought; to think seriously; to muse; to cogitate; to reflect.

[1913 Webster] In his law doth he meditate day and night.

Ad Mob Mediation is a feature that lets you serve ads to your apps from multiple sources, including the Ad Mob Network, third-party ad networks, and Ad Mob campaigns.

Ad Mob Mediation helps maximize your fill rate and increase your monetization by sending ad requests to multiple networks to ensure you find the best available network to serve ads.

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