Meta dll updating plugins

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This config can be written by providing an another checkbox on installer’s last page (just before finish), or can be pushed as group policy from domain users.

Otherwise, standard user will never be able to use any new plugin because s/he can’t write to %allusersprofile%.

Information from Google is available here, and a rather critical discussion of the phenomenon, and a way to download the programs without the updater is available here (Obsolete). See here (unrecoverable, dead link) for instructions from Google for uninstalling it, or here for instructions about how to seek out and vanquish every trace of it.

Uninstalling the add-on from Firefox might not do much without such a measure, but by all means do that as well.

I like to get rid of this invasive malware but keep Chrome's ability to do a manual update, when I request one.

To that end, delete just the plugin DLL (the name varies for sneaky reasons) which resides in the user profile folder (on Windows systems).

@dinkumoil & @Singh Rajen M : It’s a good idea to have one list for all users.

You can find more information on the Google Update Plugin over at Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

There was a discussion if the file maybe should be stored under %Program Data% in order to make it available to all users.

I wanted to know the current status of that discussion.

i’ve tested all releases, x86 and x64 @donho have a look here.

I feel we need to consider case where people use common PC. If all the plugins go to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%, then it will be available to all.

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This way we are just blocking normal user to use full-fledged plugin managers even administrator does not set any policy explicitly.

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