Million years ago fossil leakey dating

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rudolfensis really was a separate type of human that existed around two million years ago alongside other species of humans.For a long time the oldest known human ancestor was thought to be a primitive species, dating back 1.8 million years ago called Homo erectus.The current arguments about early Homo can be viewed, in some ways, as dating back to the discovery of fossil material from Olduvai Gorge by Mary and Louis Leakey back in the 1960s.When the original Olduvai material was discovered it showed a combination of characters that appeared intermediate between already known South African Australopiths (A.Researchers studying fossils from northern Kenya have identified a new species of human that lived two million years ago.The discoveries suggests that at least three distinct species of humans co-existed in Africa.

But 50 years ago, researchers discovered an even older and more primitive species of human called . rudolfensis was around too and raises the distinct possibility that many other species of human also existed at the time.This find is the latest in a growing body of evidence that challenges the view that our species evolved in a smooth linear progression from our primate ancestors."Our past was a diverse past," she told BBC News, "our species was evolving in the same way that other species of animals evolved.africanus, in particular) and already known Asian (and to a less extent, African) Homo erectus such as those from China and Java.Philip Tobias, controversially, gave them the designation Homo habilis and placed them as a transitional species.

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It preserves previously unknown morphology, including moderately sized, mesiodistally long postcanine teeth.