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These relations have found concrete expression in the ongoing discussions over sequestration and the military budget, with a parade of generals, admirals and civilian Pentagon officials coming before Congress to predict catastrophe and global defeat if any part of the gargantuan spending on arms and military operations is cut.The all but stated premise behind this testimony is that the generals and admirals are the only ones qualified to set military policy, and the Congress, ostensibly consisting of the elected representatives of the people, should get out of their way.Giuliani added that the shooting of unarmed Brown by Wilson was “a justifiable homicide.” The most vociferous response to the shooting came from Jeff Roorda, head of the St.Louis Police Officers Association, who told Fox News on Thursday that the shootings showed the intention of demonstrators to kill police. “Let’s not pretend like they wanted [Ferguson Police Department Chief] Tom Jackson’s resignation or they’re mad because Mayor Knowles is still there. That was their goal all along and that was their goal last night.” declared in an editorial that the shootings are “a reminder of the dangerous job police have.” The newspaper added that “angry protests do have the potential to turn violent, just as they can provide cover to criminals.” The two officers were released from the hospital Thursday.If the corporate media has no interest in probing the real relations underlying Graham’s remarks, it is because it is fully complicit in the conspiracies to wage war abroad and eviscerate democratic rights at home.It is fulfilling its function as an instrument of the corporate and financial elite: not to expose or clarify, but to cover up the real dangers confronting the working class.The US media and political establishment have seized upon the wounding of two officers in Ferguson, Missouri on Wednesday night to reiterate their support for the police amid widespread hostility to the wave of police killings in America.US President Barack Obama, making an appearance Thursday on the late-night television program Jimmy Kimmel Live, declared that police “have a terrifically tough job,” and added that “there was no excuse for criminal acts.” He added, “They’re criminals, they need to be arrested.” These claims come despite the fact that, by their own admission, police have no information as to who fired the shots that wounded the officers, or whether the police were even the target.

The Justice Department’s report on the Ferguson Police Department, released last week, documented numerous crimes, including beating and arresting people and imprisoning the poor in order to compel them to pay fines.Obama was not referring to any cops as “criminals” or calling for their arrest.Instead, the Obama administration decided not to bring charges against Darren Wilson, who shot Michael Brown last August.Shortly before the shooting, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson announced his resignation, while the Missouri Supreme Court said it would place a state judge in charge of the city’s court system.These moves followed the announcement earlier in the week that Ferguson City Manager John Shaw would resign.

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Giuliani declared that it is “the obligation of the president …

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