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Simpson with his wife, Marguerite Whitley, his daughter Arnelle and son Jason, circa 1974. They had another daughter, Aaren, who died as a toddler in a drowning accident.

Simpson was convicted of leading a group of associates into a room at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino and using threats, guns and force to take back items from two dealers. He argued that bad legal advice led to his arrest and conviction in a confrontation with sports memorabilia dealers.We are not so sure as the lady doesn’t like to share much about her love affairs with the public.We wouldn’t know until she herself reveals the truth.His 2008 conviction came 13 years after his acquittal on murder charges in the deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.Simpson's legal team argued that the nine-to-33-year sentence did not match the crime and that it was, in fact, a form of payback for his controversial acquittal in the deaths of Brown and Goldman.

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Simpson contended he was retrieving personal items that had been stolen from him and were being sold as memorabilia.