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Bruch and her colleagues also found that as the “desirability” gap widens, women increase their use of positive language.But depressingly, said Bruch, the opposite is true for men: as they communicate up the desirability ladder, men’s frequency of positive word use decreases.

The reason: A combination of pre- and post-holiday breakups, New Year’s resolutions to find love and the countdown to Valentine’s Day.The exception to this rule was in Seattle, where in some areas, there are two men to each woman.In that case, it was men who wrote longer messages, but unlike women, they tended to be rewarded for them.For women, however, no more than an undergraduate degree was “desirable.” (The researchers controlled here for age, given that women are usually older once they undertake additional study.)“Sure, this is confirming some of our worst cliches,” said Bruch, adding that she herself “struggled” with the results of the study.But she said it was important to remember that the research simply captured overall patterns, and did not include “submarkets” of desirability, in which people can still have highly successful dating lives.

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