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All will be aided by finding in a single volume brief scientific descriptions of little-known lan- guages whose names keep appearing in the literature of the linguistic field.The editors wish to express their heartfelt appreciation to all those who have aided ther/ in their work, and in particular to Professor Urban T.It is expected that numerous revisions will be in order from timr to time; therefore the editors earnestlyrequest that reviewers and users of this volume will call to their attention omissions and inaccuracies, and voice suggestions for desiderata and addenda.At the same time, it is expected that this work will serve a very useful practical purpose.Hgl-ines, Jr., of the University of North Carolina, who went over the entire manuscript in proof and offered many valuable comments and suggestions, and to Dr.Eugene Dbrfman of the Department of General and Comparative Linguistics of Columbia University, who contributed the major portion of the entries dealing with the recent terminological in- noy^^tions of the descriptive-structuralist school of linguistics. aberrqiit: Deviating from the normal or average, abessive: A Finno-Ugric declensional case, having the same con- notation as the English preposition without.absolute: Considered in and for itself (e.g., absolute jorm)^ oi constituting a self-sufl SIcient entity (e.g., absolute ablative). absolute adjective: An adjective used as a substantive.

The definitions themselves are far from ex- haustive, since the ramifications of many terms would call for treatment in an encyclopedia rather than a dictionary of linguis- tics.A DICTIONARY OF LINGUISTICS A Abakan: An Asiatic language; a member of the Eastern Turkic group of the Altaic sub-family of the Ural-Altaic family of languages. Abkaz: A language (also referred to as Abkhasian^ spoken in the Caucasus; a member of the Western branch of the North Cau- casian family of languages. ablative: That case of a noun, adjective, pronoun or numeral de- noting the source, agent or means, occasionally also time or place, of an act or occurrence. 3 ABRIDGED CLAUSE 4 French u [y], the vowel sound in the English word but [a], etc.) obridged clause: A clause without a finite verb form, such as an infinitive or participial clause.abbreviation: ( 1 ) A short writtten symbol for a full word or ex- pression {etc. (In Latin, also used after certain prepositions.) ablative absolute: A Latin grammatical construction, consisting of the ablative case of a noun oj^ nouns or pronoun or pro- nouns and an adjective or participle w Wich have no grammatical connection with the rest of the atmtence in which the expression as a unit constitutes an interpolated entity, ablaut: A vowel gradation (q.v.), characteristic of Indo-European languages, denoting distinctions in meaning (e.g., different tenses of a verb). abnormal vowel: A designation applied in English phonetical ter- minqjogy to a vowel representing an intermediate sound be- tween a front and a back vowel. Abruzzese-Neapolitan: A generic term for a group of south Itahan dialects spoken in southern Latium, Abruzzi, Campania, Lucania and Puglia, and generally characterized by loss of clar- ity of the final vowels and fimlaut distinctions in the root vowels.pitch, accentuation: The laying of vocal stress on certain parts of a word or phrase.Graff calls it “accent as a flowing feature of speech.” accidence: (1) The inflectional changes of words, to denote vari- ous cases, tenses, numbers, etc. — (2) That branch of grammar which treats of these changes, accommodation: The partial as'&imilation (q.v.) of a phoneme, in which the assimilated phoneme takes over just one of the char- acteristics of the assimilatory phoneme, accommodative aspect: See benef active aspect.

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A DICTIONARY OF LINGUISTICS DICTIONARY OF LINGUISTICS MARIO* A. Preface Grammatical terminology, based upon the prescriptive prin- ciples of Classical grammarians and the well-defined structure of the Indo-European languages, has been traditional since the days V ancient Greece.

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