Paula patton and robin thicke dating since

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Paula patton and robin thicke dating since

Speaking about her realtor beau Zach Quittman, Patton said she met him when he was separated from his wife, lending credence to his previous statement to People magazine. She heard it from him first, not from anybody else. So when news broke that the man she had gushed to “Extra” about was still married, folks immediately began drawing comparisons to Patton’s marriage with her childhood sweetheart.

“I would just say when I met him he was separated from his wife and he’s in the process of divorce,” she told Hello Beautiful in April while promoting her newest film. I let Robin know because he’s the father of my child and I thought he had a right to know that I had somebody, since the first time that [we’ve] been divorced, that I wanted in my life and that I want my child to know. I’m 42 years old and I was like, this is my man,” she added. However, Patton firmly has no issues with how she and Quittman got together.

But in the meantime, it's grocery shopping in the suburbs, taking 8-year-old Julian to school... And she does not make her son part of the show, choosing to keep her private and professional lives entirely separate.

Until she had a child, she didn't even like anyone from the outside world visiting her on a set, she would get so focused and wrapped up with whatever she was working on—so focused she didn't even like to read other scripts until she was finished with a role."That can be challenging for the people who are trying to get you another job," Patton said, laughing, during a November 2015 sit-down for As far as the business of movie-making in general, Patton said, "What I love most is the art, is making art, acting and being on set, and being a part of the process of making a movie. I like becoming someone else, so it's hard to go and sell yourself when you want to be something else.

And after some months where it wasn't immediately obvious which direction she was going to take, when her estranged husband Robin Thickewas dedicating songs to her and sounding all lovelorn and stuff, Patton filed for divorce.

He makes me calmer.”Patton even brought Zach along for the taping of the show. The mom of one to 8-year-old son Julian with ex-husband Thicke has been dating her new man for the last month.“For the first time in my life, I’m really happy when I’m not working.

“I love you back,” he said to his new girlfriend on camera.continued her gushing tour on on April 19.“He’s an amazing human and he just makes me so happy. I love to work but I really do love my life when I’m not working,” Patton said.

"I had to kick into gear because I love nobody more than my wife in this world. Julian has changed everything—every move I make, I know that it will affect him, his growth and his happiness.", and its mega-hit title track.

He had been a successful recording artist for almost the entirety of their life together, but that vaulted him into mainstream-pop, song-of-the-summer, he's-everywhere territory. Thicke would reveal later in a court deposition for a copyright lawsuit that he was rarely sober during that period, that he was high on Vicodin and alcohol when he and Pharrell Williams recorded "Blurred Lines" and "didn't do a sober interview" in 2013.

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After news surfaced that Paula Patton’s new man is still married, many fans judged the actress for entering into a relationship with him given her past.

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