Php post submit not updating lesbian mobile dating

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Php post submit not updating

Adding another form only requires an extra entry in the array and switch statements.

Something interesting which might help someone else: If your input field in HTML is "disabled", even if it contains text, $_POST will not return/contain any value.

You must assign a name attribute to your element to reference it correctly in the POST array.

If you click "Reload" or "Refresh" on a page that you reached through a POST, it's almost always an error -- you shouldn't be posting the same comment twice -- which is why these pages aren't bookmarked or cached.

You should use the GET method when your form is, well, getting something off the server and not actually changing anything.

According to the HTTP specification, you should use the POST method when you're using the form to change the state of something on the server end.

For example, if a page has a form to allow users to add their own comments, like this page here, the form should use POST.

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While working with XForms is not for beginners, you might be interested in them.

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