Pinay naked pic wechat

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Pinay naked pic wechat

Zalo app is the same thing, the Vietnam version of Wechat / Line.

They’ll make it obvious in their profile by talking about ‘massage’, using naked pics, dollar sign emojis, code words like ‘can meet for short time or long time’, ‘good service’, or just straight up writing ‘i’m working girl’.

Obviously a bad idea because now they have no incentive to give good service but Vietnam hookers insist.

Maybe you can get away with just showing the money, then putting it back in your wallet. She unwraps a condom and tries to put it on my dick when I’m not even hard yet.

It might be an old female pimp chatting to you, or a guy, or a working girl but not the one in the pics. On the plus side, the girl that turns up is usually still very bangable as Vietnamese girls are pretty hot.

And it’s cheap (~ range), and there’s less ladyboys and baklas to worry about.

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That’s almost unheard of in Thailand, it’s usually just a cute freelancer who needs money and doesn’t have a boss, pimp or chaperone.

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