Pottery dating mark

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Pottery dating mark

Have you ever wondered why some people turn every piece of pottery over and look at the bottom?

Examining the bottom for stilt marks may reveal some numbers that may help with identification, too. Some companies only used two numbers for some of the shapes, and some used four.This is going to take the best part of a year to complete without anyone's help:( So please bear with me.AT THE TIME THESE WERE THE THE ONLY WORKS OF ANY SIZE TO BE BUILT IN BURSLEM & DUE TO THE COMPANY OF W.If you pick up a piece of pottery and it has identifying marks such as a name or logo, you can easily determine the maker. This is a good place to start to identify the country of origin, if it is not shown.So, just in the process of picking up the piece, the weight is registering in my mind.

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The bottom shows the name, if there is one, the color of the clay, the way the piece is fired, and other characteristics that help with the identification.

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