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Also scenes were shot with her stunt double in a bikini behind her back, forcing her to spend the majority of the movie without much clothes on.Most of the diving related scenes in the movie were filmed with help from Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas, which is one of the world most renowned diving companies.In an early scene, Paul Walker has to grab two fins and a dive mask flung to him by Alba. It was never seen again after hitting the water and the DVD suggests that it was taken by a shark. Produced on a budget of million, the film made just million in North America and million internationally for a total of million worldwide.

After nightfall, Jared, Bryce, and Amanda dive at the plane wreck to salvage the cocaine and more artifacts.

Roy turns her over to Derek Bates, knowing that he was Reyes' partner in the cocaine deal.

Primo has captured Jared and taken him aboard Reyes' ship, where they find that Bates has killed Reyes and his entire crew, eventually killing Primo and Roy as well.

The site's consensus is: "Even the endless shots of bronzed beach babes and buffed dudes can't keep this soggy scuba flick's plot from drowning".

Jessica Alba earned a nomination for Worst Actress at the 26th Golden Raspberry Awards for her performance in the film (as well as for her performance in Fantastic Four), but lost the trophy to Jenny Mc Carthy for Dirty Love.

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