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Entering the Web Awards can help keep you up on Trends by showing you how other websites compare to the Web Award standards.You also can make news if you have the Best website.Today's religions were created by yesterday's ignoramuses.

The danger of this sort of study spreading to uneducated people is that they obtain certain sense of morality from these ancient texts.Quraanic interpretations and tafsirs have been invented by some wishful educated Mullahs only to hide its absurdities and contradictions.In fact, Quraan verses are mostly simple to understand and any junior school student can understand quite easily provided the reading material is given in a language they can understand.Therefore, claiming that Quraan is difficult to understand or is being quoted out of context is ludicrous and a lame excuse only to hide Allah’s myriad of inanities and flaws.Allah's Ignorance of the North and South Poles: In polar regions, the longevity of day and night vary during summer and winter.

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If an illiterate Messenger (Q7.157-158, Q62:2-3) could understand Allah's word, surel Nowhere does Allah say that his words must be read with the help of its interpretations and commentaries.

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