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“Our values are unchanged, and the APU community remains unequivocally biblical in our Christian evangelical identity.” A group called Brave Commons said it played an integral role in the conversation and movement at Azusa Pacific.

Recruiting the help of her friends, a weekend camping ...

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Co-Executive Director Erin Green said in a statement the removal of the ban involves “no stigmatizing of queer people specifically.

This is what we asked for all along.” The change came about after Azusa Pacific’s Student Government Association, led by out student Alexis Diaz, passed a resolution asking the APU Board of Trustees to “clarify definitions and language of the ban, as lack of clarity is itself abusive, or remove it,” according to Brave Commons.

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Rob Muthiah, a professor of practical theology in the seminary, offered a prayer at an October 2018 rally at Azusa Pacific University to protest the school’s reinstatement of a ban on same-sex relationships.

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