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Sim 2 charactor dating older sim

"I made a Black Widow, a female Sim who would marry men and on the wedding day I would lock him up in the basement and basically starve him. I didn't even do it for the money (I would donate it all away, she had the 'good' trait so it would actually benefit her too).I never had her have sex with any of them either, she died a virgin after adopting a baby girl and then I repeated the entire cycle with her as well." Usually stories about the evil deeds done to Sims include death in some form, but that wasn't the plan for Redditor connain. We had taught her a valuable lesson." when I was 8. "Eventually, the family became rich enough that they needed more room and I decided to build them a new, beautiful house.And to give you a giggle – or maybe more of a nervous chuckle – we've collected the best/worst of them all here.The story from kaybee41906 involves some vampires, some children and the sun.

"What a game." Brianwantstruth really wanted a graveyard for his brand new church, but oh God did the plans backfire.Obviously I hung these paintings all over the house.story comes from haydibakalim on Reddit, who admitted making a Black Widow Sim with a good side.I wanted to see which Sims would unashamedly use the toilet in full view of everyone else. "Slowly I would shrink the walls as people moved away from them forcing everyone closer and closer to that one, lone toilet. "I watched my favourite family burn and vowed that as long as I lived there would be no safe place for Bob.The whole neighbourhood, all fed and needing to use the toilet, nearly all too ashamed to use it, standing around in a tight, confined space all staring at the toilet longingly. Woe betide those that fainted." together back in the day. There was plenty of food in the house and sometimes Bella had even cooked and served dinner. You had to always be watching her, prepared to cancel the action every time she tried it. He then told her to take it outside, where he had bought a long dining table. Every time I created a new neighbourhood he would respawn, always in the same shitty house without friends or family.

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"The first thing I do, once I have enough money, is build a small room in the basement, send him down there, and then remove the stairs. Every few minutes I go downstairs and sell whatever painting he has finished, and then I return to playing the game.

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