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The server details are stored locally in an XML file and so will appear next time you open SSMS.If you have a lot of servers then you can also create Server Groups to group together similar servers.If you script out indexes this way to check them into source code, or to tweak the definition slightly, this can lead you to make mistakes.You can make sure you’re aware when indexes have compression or are partitioned by changing your scripting settings: the batch can be run specified number of times.A significant limitation with CMS is that the CMS server itself can’t be included in the list of servers.The query window in SSMS can be split into two so that you can look at two parts of the same query simultaneously.Select the check box towards the bottom of the window and use the ‘Select…’ button to choose a color.

To add a color bar when connecting to the server click on the Options button in the Connect to Database Engine window and then select the Connection Properties window.In particular you can use it to change to the connection credentials within the query window, so that you can run a query against multiple servers from the same query window.There are more details of how to do this here: Changing the SQL Server connection within an SSMS Query Windows using SQLCMD Mode Individual database objects, such as a table or stored procedure, can be scripted within SSMS by right clicking on the object within Object Explorer and selecting the appropriate item in the drop down menu.To do this just open the Object Explorer Details window from the View menu (or press the F7 key).If you want to script up multiple (or all) tables, select the Tables item under the relevant database in Object Explorer.

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To add a registered server open the Registered Servers window from the View menu (or click ), the window should appear in the top left corner of SSMS.

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