Statistics on physical dating violence in college students Gratis sexchat in private room

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Statistics on physical dating violence in college students

Other serious effects include: depression, post traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, low blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease, and other unexplained aches and pains in the body.

Some evidence suggests that victims can develop borderline personality disorder, a serious mental condition where it is extremely difficult to regulate emotion and function normally daily, as a result of such incident.

However, a shocking 43% of dating college women have reported experiencing abusive and violent dating behaviors including verbal, sexual, physical, tech, or controlling abuse.

Additionally, 57% of college students who report experiencing dating violence claim it occurred within college.

Given this data, what can universities do to improve the health of these students? If a student faces any physical injuries, institutions should take immediate care of the victim’s health in a nearby center.

The faster the tests are done, and appointments are made, the more likely the recovery/treatment can begin.

According to studies, those who have been sexually assaulted are likely to be sexually abused later in life, develop an eating disorder, have difficulty with intimacy in a marriage, and abuse drugs or alcohol.

Other factors affecting the risk for college abuse, according to researchers, include behavior change caused by the desire to be accepted by peers, isolation in an unfamiliar place, and less monitoring by parents.In addition, violent relationships in adolescence may have serious ramifications by placing the victims at higher risk for eating disorders, substance abuse, impulsive and risky sexual behavior, and more domestic violence.A 2011 College Dating Violence & Abuse Poll showed that 1 in 3 (29%) of women in college have reported that they have been in an abusive relationship.College students in the US have been facing physical, financial, sexual, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse- all of which have devastating effects on their ability to function normally and handle the rigors of college education as well as non-victims can. Whether physical, emotional, or sexual, or any other form, all share one common feature: they have devastating effects on one’s mental health. Without sound mental health, a student cannot attain a full educational experience; and when school is not going right, a student’s mental health only worsens. Amidst the long, arduous, and often disappointing process of reporting domestic violence (especially sexual assault) in college campuses, institutions are neglecting to make the mental health and safety of the victim, who is paying thousands of dollars towards tuition and housing, the highest priority. Well, in order to discuss what can be done to fix this problem, it necessary to first discuss what exactly is happening when a student faces domestic violence.Physical wounds can often heal, but mental scars take longer to heal. This proposal strives to reveal five major issues with domestic violence in US colleges, how they affect the health and education of a student, and how each problem can be tackled with a solution.

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As a strong believer of the profound impact education has on battling through the most dark and difficult life circumstances, it is of utmost concern that the impact of domestic violence on college students’ educational lives is indeed brutal.

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