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This matter of fact move to delay the physical therapy exercise proved to be a very fateful decision.

As such it is pivotal in the direct saving of lives, cure or reverse the progress of disease and offer state-of-the -art diagnostic or surgical procedures; to function in this role it is necessarily made up of diverse complex moving parts, and these moving parts, challenging as the task maybe, must be almost seamlessly synchronized if it is to achieve the optimum delivery of health care to the community it is entrusted to help.At any moment now I expected to be transported to another dimension or zone where time did not matter and was a measure of nothing.Or maybe an alternate path was to experience a sense of an on-going struggle between leaving or staying, between here and there, and feel weightlessness and sense nothing physical nor surrounded by anything material, but something ephemeral, with perhaps a rhapsody of eternal music of the purest sound and fascinating lights never heard or seen before; feel an ecstasy never experienced then eventually return to my temporal body, wakeup and narrate this to others, as others had. Here I was, observing and being observed, monitoring and being monitored by the code blue team.The following day I refused the narcotic pump or opiate-related medications for fear these may raise intraocular pressure and so I became fully reliant on Tylenol as my form of analgesia.To my surprise, and I never knew this before, Tylenol was now available as IV drips (400 mg.) and it had worked for me like a charm, equal if not more effective than Dilaudid.

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This was a carefully scheduled surgery, it was meant to be a three-day hospital stay but it ended up an as an eight-day stay.