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Updating network infrastructure

Ninety percent of respondents agreed that legacy network infrastructure cannot keep up with the demands of modern network infrastructure.More healthcare organizations are considering and deploying cloud-based solutions for their infrastructure and many are met with networking roadblocks that can’t be resolved without upgrading the network.The gap between realization and deployments is consistent across all verticals and is preventing organizations from fully leveraging digitized infrastructure.It can also threaten entities’ positions in their respective markets.

Where traditional, business-owned data centers are private, capital-intensive resources, cloud computing enables organizations to access a cloud provider's data center infrastructure and services for a fee.The survey found that 91 percent said that their cloud strategy will only reach its full potential with a next generation network supporting it.“The survey revealed an incredible level of agreement by decision makers that their network infrastructures must change in order to have a successful cloud strategy and their pace of implementing next generation networking impacts their ability to realize the full benefits of digital transformation,” survey authors stated.This ensures only authorized personnel can access the data center hardware infrastructure and reduces the potential for malicious damage or data theft.Outside of the data center is an internet infrastructure, which includes transmission media, such as fiber optic cables, satellites, microwave -- line of sight -- antennas, routers, aggregators, repeaters, load balancers and other network components that control transmission paths.

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A data center infrastructure also requires careful consideration of IT infrastructure security.

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