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All you have to do is to type the following in your terminal, enter your Mac user password when prompted and that’s it: Put another way, RVM allows us to install our own version of Ruby while letting OS X continue to use the one provided by Apple. Copy the following line and paste it in a terminal window: RVM is now installed on your Mac, but there’s an important step you need to do next: close all terminal windows that may still be open.

This forces OS X to load the RVM configuration the next time a terminal is open.

The bad news is that it’s an older version of Ruby that doesn’t contain the latest updates and security patches added to the language.

So we’re going to install our own up-to-date version of Ruby that will work side-by-side with the Apple version (which OS X uses for some of its own tasks)..

But the one that we recommend in this tutorial is RVM, because in our opinion it is the easiest option.

This is because RVM works by manipulating environment variables.To install the latest version of Ruby, run: If you are using Rails, then you must install This is because Rails's asset pipeline compiler requires a Javascript runtime. If you do not use Rails then you can skip to the next step.Ensure that curl and gpg are installed, as well as a compiler toolchain.Curl and gpg are needed for further installation steps, while the compiler toolchain is needed for installing common Ruby gems.

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Also if you use gnu screen or another terminal multiplexer, RVM also won't work; you must use a plain ssh session.

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